The vision for the Mangaliso Children's Fund is that all children should have a place to call HOME.

Our mission is to assist safety and foster homes to provide for children in vulnerable situations.


After 20 years being the Director of a NPO in the community I have been exposed to several needs that affect our most vulnerable.

The one need that has remained with me is that our Social services places very vulnerable children (rape, abuse, neglect) into places of safety or foster care no better than the environment these children have come from.

Government has approved that a foster mother or safety mother can accommodate up to 6 children (this does not include her own children). Many of these mothers live in shacks and under poor conditions.

Although there are many women who have a passion for taking care of foster children, many sign up because of the R750 grant per month per child. The grant is meant to be used for transport to school, clothing and food. The reality is that the mother uses these funds to survive and the child in foster care is often neglected.


Mangaliso VISION is that all children should have the right to call a place HOME.

Our MISSION is to assist safety and foster mothers to ensure that the children in her care are given every opportunity to become well-adjusted adults that can add value to society.




  • We select safety and foster mothers according to certain criteria and they become accountable to our policies and procedures.

  • We regular visits to the home to ensure our values are being implemented.

  • All children in care need to be at school if school going age and we assist with the various needs that arise such as uniforms, stationery, books and transport.

  • Food – Each home is assisted with food so that each child is eating 3 meals a day

  • Rent – if necessary

  • Electricity – poverty unfortunately will affect the amount of electricity the household can afford which then affects school work.

  • Counselling/Therapy – many of these children will suffer from Post-traumatic stress. Unfortunately, the Department of Social services cannot keep up with the demand and children just never get to counseling.

  • Training and support for the mothers – Many of the children placed in care will have developmental /Social/Behavior problems and mothers are not equipped to effectively assist the child. We run workshops where mothers are trained in specific needs.

  • Events/Birthdays – if funds allow we will organize birthday gifts and Christmas presents for the children and mothers






  • Sponsor a child by donating R100 per month.

  • Help with regular donations of food items that are used on a daily basis.

  • Donations of much needed toiletries.

  • Financial contribution which will be used for the needs mentioned above.

  • Gifts for Birthdays and Christmas.


Mangaliso is a registered NPO and PBO and can issue tax certificates for all donations received.


If you are able to assist us with any of these needs it would be hugely appreciated.


Pauline de Klerk

Managing Director