We currently have 1 home in Phoenix/Milnerton in Cape Town in the Western Cape that is a foster home for 6 children ranging from the age of 4 to 19 years old.


Our goal is to have several of these homes under our supervision, assisting everyone in the home to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient/supportive.



While in our care we want every child to be cared for, loved and supported so that they have every opportunity to become well-adjusted adults who can add value to society.

By regular meetings with the family we access where children are needing the necessary support. This may be in:


  • Emotional support – Post traumatic stress is a reality in 90% of children removed from their homes and if not treated early can lead to health and mental challenges. We arrange for children to have regular appointments with counsellors to help them navigate their emotions.


  • Educational support – While in our care and of school going age we insist that every child attends pre-school, primary or secondary school. Many children would have learning disabilities due to various social and health issues. We assist where necessary to ensure equal opportunities in education. 


  • Nutritional support – Hunger due to poverty is a reality in South Africa and affects every aspect of a growing child. Most children in South Africa survive on 1 meal a day – this is considered to be malnutrition. We ensure that there is sufficient food in the home so that each child eats 3 meals per day.


  • Baseline support – There are basic needs that are required so that a family can function and this includes access to water, electricity and a secured place to live. Where necessary we will assist in these areas.




Our safety/foster mothers have a passion to take care of vulnerable children and we want to come alongside her to ensure that she is equipped to do this to the best of her ability.

In many cases, children placed in the homes would have health or mental challenges such as:

  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

  • ADHD

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Post Traumatic Stress


The Safety/foster mother requires continual support and guidance to ensure that the home can function and that she is able to understand each child’s challenge and work to ensure the child in her care is given every opportunity to succeed.

We meet with the safety mother to give this guidance and run workshops on various challenges.